Costs of this online training course

For a Business Manager to complete this extensive online course and receive a certificate of achievement upon completion of all the 5 modules, a cost to the Dealership of $395.00 + GST is required to be deposited to:

Community First Credit Union

Account:ABC Credit Union

Account Number: 0002334

BSB Number: 112345

We also require your dealership name in the reference section.

After having completed the above, please complete the Enrolment Form with your full details:
  • Your Dealership name.
  • Dealership full address.
  • Business Manager full name.
  • Your Dealership ABN
  • Your dealership telephone number.
  • Your Dealership email address.

Upon receiving payment and the requested enrolment form, we will generate a unique username and password and email these to you along with a Tax Invoice.

This course allows you as a registered user, to complete it from your Dealership and the Business Manager is not required to be away from the dealership, hence saving you time and money.

Should you required more information, please feel free to contact us.